I have brought to you theses seven very simple Pranayam which is very helpful to fix lots of health issues you can practice these Asanas for at least half hour daily. These Pranayams will purify you in all levels.Disease will go away as well as your bad habits. Good thoughts will replace your destructive tendencies. Patriotism and social skills will improve. Your ability to work hard will improve. All negative thoughts will disappear and your body and mind will feel light. You will be filled with positive energy. What are these seven Pranayams? See below.

1. Bhastrika: Every morning with empty stomach sit facing east direction. Take a deep breath and release. Do it effortlessly, fill up your lungs and force the entire breath out. Do it with a rhythm. Imagine that all the energy of the Cosmos is entering into you. Feel that all your positions are being expelled. Do it for 5 minutes if you are relatively healthy. Repeat for another five minutes if you are ailing, but gradually as you get accustomed. Benefit of Bhastrika: is very important for all kinds of skin problems. Not only leucoderma but also people suffering discoloration due to burns have benefited from sincerely practicing this pranayama everyday.
2. Kapalbhati: Take in air into your stomach and push it out with a jerk. Only your stomach should move and not your body. Your out breath should cause the adams apple to move as it pushes through the throat. Normally one should do this for fifteen minutes, five minutes each three times.
Benefit of Kapalbhati: People with cancers and other chronic diseases should do this once a day totaling 10 minutes. Places a great importance on this pranayam which he says will help diabetes, regenerate insulin producing beta cells and also help the organs in the stomach, the lungs and the heart. It will open blocked arteries in the heart.
3. Bahya Pranayam: Take a deep breath and release. Completely push the stomach in as you force the breath out and hold. Move you head downwards till the chin is fully in touch with the upper portion of the torso. Hold this position for 15 seconds and then move the head up as you breathe in. This is to be repeated five to 11 times.
4. Agnisar: Take a deep breath, pull the stomach in as you breathe out. Now hold the breath as you move the stomach in and out in a rhythmic fashion for 15 seconds. Then breathe in again. Repeat this three to five times. This helps a lot with the digestive and eliminative process.
5. Anulom Bilom: This is very very important pranayam. Sit straight, close the right nostril with your thumb. Place the forefinger on the forehead, then breathe in deeply with the left nostril. Now close the left nostril with the third and fourth fingers joined together and breathe out through the right nostril. Take a deep breath again through the right nostril, close it with the thumb, release the left nostril and breathe out. This is one cycle. Repeat this cycle continuously for 10 minutes. In total do it for fifteen minutes five minutes at a time three times. This pranayam recharges the entire body, opens all closed chakras, sets right the entire flow of energy within the body and activates the chakras.
6. Bhramari: Close the ears with your thumbs, with the second third and fourth fingers close the eyes, rest the first finger on the forehead, keep the mouth closed. Now take a deep breath. Release the breath through the nose while making a loud humming noise with the throat. The noise should reverberate through the entire body. Repeat the exercise five to 11 times. You will quite enjoy this pranayam which will relax you and activate all the glands of the head.
7. Udgeeth: This is also a very beneficial Pranayam. Take a deep breath and release the breath through the mouth making the sound "Om". Repeat this 7 to 15 times. This puts you in touch with the divine element within you."Finish the pranayam exercises with a short contemplative meditation. Thank your Guru and God. Request the divine for a healthy, productive life. Then raise your hands, rub the palms to generate some heat and then place your palms on the face as and slightly massage on your face.

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