Weekly Forecast

(20/06/2016 to 26/06/2016)

Forecast for Aries (Mesha): The time is not suitable for financial investments. Sit back and wait for the right time. Try to stay calm. People in job should avoid any type of confrontations with colleagues. At home, relation ship with your wife and kids are not very good. Migraines and eye issues are likely to happen.

Forecast for Taurus (Vrishabha): People who are in job is showing relocation also very difficult time at work place. People are in business no further investment. Control your temper at home or at work, control your tough. Issues with your kids. Issue with digestion and stomach problem may be will go through surgical process.

Forecast for Gemini (Mithuna): Time is getting better now investment will turn around. Home environment is very good. Relation with spouse and kids is going to be improved. One of your kid will move out for good. Some of you have issue with your knee still need more precaution. Also some one of you have issue with lungs need proper check up. Wednesday and Saturday auspicious.

Forecast for Cancer (Karka): You will get promotion at work also will have good relationship with upper management. Time is changing Sun is in good placement. Keep eye on your lungs and thyroid issue. This is very good period for family relationship. You may buy some new vehicle.

Forecast for Leo (Simha): Legal trouble and disputes with partners and relatives may happen. May cause ill health to an older family member. Trouble from kids side. This is not a time for investment in land or stocks. Keep an eye on partner health..

Forecast for Virgo (Kanya): Home environment is very good. Relation with spouse and kids is going to be improved Some of you will meet one of your very old friend. It is bad time for spending on luxuries things. Your mind will be more active. This is the time focus more on family. Students will do well.

Forecast for Libra (Tula) This week is very good for financial aspect. Luck is in your favor. Family atmosphere is very good lot of support from your partner. You may buy a new vehicle. Things are getting better and you will fulfill all your domestic responsibility. Second part of the week will be mush better.

Forecast for Scorpio (Vrischika): This week some of you may will face health problems. Little pressure from your work also not much support from your partner. Showing relocation. Financial position will be still in your favor. Work hard to get the desired results. Keep eye on your eating habit, as abdomen pain still continue.

Forecast for Sagittarius (Dhanu): Planning to purchase new property. Do not invest in the stock market not favorable. Full Support from your spouse. Parents are visiting from far or you may visit them. Eye and Ear sight might be affected as well.

Forecast for Capricorn (Makara): Domestic environment is going to be very good this week. New avenues are likely to open in next few weeks which will bring lot of changes. Be easy in regards to investment this week. If you are in business this is the time to grow further.

Forecast for Aquarius (Kumbha): Relax at home this week and avoid confrontations. Some of you will be very excited and thrilled this week. Some Legal trouble, dispute with property and partners unhappiness are likely to happen. May cause ill health to you and you also might go through a minor surgery. Your prestige and status in the job could be affected.

Pisces Forecast for Pisces (Meena): Investment will do well. This is a very good time for personal gain and you also might meet one of your very old friend. It is a bad time for spending on luxuries items. Your mind will be more active. This is the time to increase communications and social interactions.

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