Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an Ancient Indian science of architecture and building construction. Ancient Vastu Shastra principles include those for the design of Religious temples, and the principles for the design and layout of Houses, Businesses, Shops, and constructions of multi story buildings.This science has paved all its ways from ancient history to present day to day technology. Vastu Shastra is not a myth or any magic but it is a science of vibrations and energy of each single component that came into existence on this earth. The main purpose of Vastu Shastra are in accordance with the Nature of laws. These nature laws are to maintain balance between human life and the nature. Vastu Shastra is the foremost thing that is checked before the start of any construction or architectural works. Vastu Shastra is based on the five elements and are called Panch Maha Bhoota, also called five tatvas or elements of which the universe is comprised of.

Each element has its own energy levels and it radiates this energy at its own specific frequencies. This energy can be positive or it can be negative. Vastu Shastra acts as a bridge which will make a way for all the positive energies to enter into our life. Understanding the rules of Vastu Shastra and working in accordance with it by appropriate alignment of each section while designing architecture, Vastu will harmonize the cosmic forces and make your life very pleasant to live. Also there is a deep connection between every human and vastu because we are also an outcome of five elements. Every human has energy levels also connected with directions like East, west, North and South. So whenever someone purchases property, business or start any construction,they need to discuss with the vastu expert. In Vastu Purush Mandala , the square of each (Pada) are associated with certain deities (Davata).

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