HINDU Astrology

RUDRAKSHA guards you against marital discord. It helps improve relationships in married life and brings joy and harmony. It enhances attraction and attention from the opposite sex. This is considered to be the form Devi Shakti and Naga Shakti. It is said to be dear to Kamdev and is also known by his name. The beads are known to make the wearer irresistible to the female of the species. This is said to remove the malefic effects of Saturn.

One Faced (SUN)

Ear, Eye, Head, Bowel, Bones, Asthma and TB. Immense power, Spiritual enrichment and worldly pleasures.

Two Faced (MOON)

The Frustration, Sleeplessness and tensions. mental peace, Spiritual progress and increases concentration.

Three Faced (MARS)

Protects from Arms and Weapons. Ward off ill luck and purifies blood. Enhances Self Confidence and Physical Strength.

Four Faced (MERCURY)

It minimizes the malefic effects of Mercury like Intellectual dullness, lack of grasping and understanding power, difficulty in effective communication. Health, wealth and Knowledge. Enhances mental power, Sexual power, intelligence, Knowledge and attractiveness.

Five Faced (JUPITER)

It sublimates the malefic effects of Jupiter such as Lack of peace, poverty, harmony and diseases pertaining to Lungs, heart and blood. Happiness and Eternal bliss. Attains success in all walks of life, gains Knowledge, Wealth, Power, Fame and achieves Goals.

Six Faced (VENUS)

Hysteria and mental illness. Epilepsy and all women related problems Enriches the career path and helps in achieving immense professional and academic success. Also helps in fulfilling dreams and a very luxurious life.

Seven Faced (SATURN)

It has a main Impotency, Cold, Obstruction, Chronic disease, scarcity, worry etc. Finance Prosperity, Wealth and Peace of mind. It also helps ward off fatal diseases and achieves longevity.

Eight Faced (RAHU)

It removes diseases and helpful in betting horse racing and lotteries. This is used in worship and rituals. Wearer gets long life and becomes more truthful. It gives special talent.

Nine Faced (KETU)

It controls and cures mental fatigue, lack of energy to materialize thought and features. It helps in fulfilling dreams and ambition, makes more energy and more action oriented.


It overcomes fear, develops and sound mind and safeguard against evil influences and respiratory diseases. Helpful in Chronic cough and Asthma. Provides a secure and protective feeling. Helps in Spiritual field.

Eleven Faced (INDRA)

It protects one from bad luck and ensures long life. Also helps issueless women to have children. Enhances the wealth and prosperity. Grants long life to the husband's wearer. Also helps in getting love and affection of desired person.

Twelve Faced (LORD VISHNU)

It protects from all kids of weapons or any danger from fire or disease or sickness. Person enjoys wealth, property and worldly pleasures. Achieves all goals. One can attain influential and powerful positions.

Thirteen Faced

It protects against sinful deeds, thoughts and bad luck. One enjoys all earthy pleasures and comfort. Helps attain Moksha and has hypnotic influence on others with sound mind and body.

Fourteen Faced (SATURN)

It removes all obstacles in life and protects you from many diseases. It is helpful in opening Third Eye Chakra, which governs clairvoyance, Sharpened skills and heightened state of awareness and can achieve highest position.

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